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Welcome to the Texas Cybersecurity Framework Assessment. This assessment has 42 questions that focus on cybersecurity controls and policies within the Texas CSF Framework. You will be presented with a question and 5 possible answers. If you are unsure of what an answer means, hover over the question mark next to the answer for further explanation. Each question will be graded 0 through 4 based on how the controls are implemented. Once you have answered a question, click Next to move to the next question. You will be able to go back and make changes to your answers until you hit finish at the Submit of the assessment at which point all answers are locked for grading.

After the assessment, you will be presented with an executive summary that breaks down your results by category starting with the lowest scores and moving up. This will allow your organization to focus on those areas with the least number of controls in place to ensure controls are implemented at a baseline level across the board. You will also be able to compare your results from this assessment with one or more of the other assessment options available within the Cyber Readiness Evaluation.