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Evaluating an organization’s ability to prevent, detect, and react to cyber-attacks can be a complicated and confusing process at the best of times. Between navigating all the different frameworks and trying to determine policy goals, it can become easy to get lost in the weeds and lose the forest for the trees. Gaps can develop. Important details can be missed. And in the blink of an eye critical systems can be compromised. Data can be leaked. An organization can be brought to its knees by malicious agents who did nothing more than exploit simple security vulnerabilities. This is a common story, and it’s one that the Cyber Readiness Gateway is here to prevent.



The Cyber Readiness Gateway is a one stop security shop, encompassing all the resources and tools organizations need to ensure that they don’t find themselves starring in the story above. It will ensure proper development of the framework of controls necessary for Cyber Governance. Not only that, but it also contains a library of tools, assessments, and other resources to evaluate and improve organizational cyber readiness across the board.

It all begins with the Cyber Readiness Evaluation, which will assess an organization's readiness against multiple industry standard frameworks in order to identify potential gaps in policy. This is done through the use of our custom-made assessments, the results of which can then be mapped and compared to results on each individual framework in order to give the clearest picture possible of overall cyber readiness.

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Knowledge from these results can then be applied to the CCII (Cybersecurity Control Implementation Interface) tool in order to learn how to build and enhance cyber programs. In addition, the CCII will provide access to pre-built policy statements that can be used to jumpstart custom policies and procedures. These policies are pre-written to align with industry standard frameworks such as NIST, CIS, NCSR and the Texas Cybersecurity Framework.